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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Difference between Cold Pressed Oil and Refined Oil?

Refined oil extraction often uses chemical solvents and high heat, both of which damage the bio-active compounds responsible for the benefits of the oil. Refined oil produces the highest oil yield, cheaper and faster. To make refined oil appear attractive, refined oil is processed to remove gums (a thick layer that forms in the oil) and then refine it further with acetic acid, hexane or bleaching soda. Sometimes they also do double-refining process. Also external heat (200 Celsius) is applied which destroys all the nutrients.

Cold Pressed oil is oil extracted in its natural form. Oils seeds are just pressed (crushed) to yield out oil. The method is just pressing, nothing else. And thus, naturally, cold pressed oil is very healthy with all natural nutrients and flavour. Cold pressing is more expensive as it takes longer and it produces lower yields – but it is the safest, most natural extraction method.

2. How is HARAPPA oil fresher than other oils?

When you order oil online through, we will ship to you directly the oil that was extracted and packed on the same day you place your order. Thus freshly Cold Pressed oil reaches you within a few days after extractions.

Other oils in the market spend months in transportation, warehouses and in retail stores before it reaches your home.

3. What if the bottle is damaged during shipping (courier)?

If the bottle is damaged during shipping, please contact our customer service number and we will send you a new bottle immediately.

4. How can I buy regularly every month?

You can SUBSCRIBE to our oils based on your required frequency (every month/week etc.). You can subscribe when making a purchase on our website. Your money will be debited only when we ship the product. You can cancel/modify the subscription anytime you want.

5. Do you charge shipping?

No. Shipping is free for all our products.


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